Roger George Sacheverell Coke

A Blue Plaque was unveiled to commemorate the life of Roger George Sacheverell Coke .

Roger was born in 1912, the only son of Langton Coke who served as an officer in the Irish guards. Unfortunately Langton was killed in action at the beginning WW1, meaning that Roger succeeded to Brookhill Hall at the Age of 2.

From an early age it was clear that music was his passion and there are many stories about him composing in his early years whilst in education at Eton distracting him from his studies.

This Passion was encouraged by his mother who instructed the estate workers in 1933 to convert the Stable block at Brookhill Hall to a Music Studio for his 21st Birthday. This became his sanctuary and he seldom left it. Story has it that he even moved bedrooms within Brookhill from the south side to the north so he could be closer to his music room  – only coming back to the Hall the early hours to sleep.

With this determination and an obvious talent – it is a great shame that Rogers Music was largely undiscovered only to be heard within the walls of the Music room. Roger Died in 1972 attributed to his unhealthy  addiction to tobacco. Throughout his lifetime Roger undoubtedly made an enormous amount of music which at a time seemed at risk of being forgotten, however it is now being rediscovered   thanks to new interest in his musical talent.

Although a manuscripts have been found it is known that there are many more undiscovered and lay unheard, in time once collated he may just prove to be one of the Major English Composers of the 20th Century.

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