Kathrin Fitness


49a Victoria Road, Pinxton 
Tel : 07398 194083


We are a studio based fitness centre offering a wide range of workout classes including indoor cycling.

Body Conditioning

45 minutes • Price varies
A resistance training workout using weights, elastic bands, exercise balls and tubing to improve muscular strength and endurance for the entire body.

Hit Mix Fit

30 minutes • Price varies
Take your fitness to a new level, join us for high intensity interval training! HIIT is a specialized form of interval training that involves short intervals of maximum intensity exercise.

Triple Challenge

30 minutes • Price varies
Full body workout, with barbell and kettlebell, using your own body weight. Intense, high heart rate with strong power force.

Body Pulse

30 minutes • Price varies
A fusion of Latin and International music / dance themes that create a dynamic, exciting, and based on the principle that a workout should be “fun and easy to do.” is a “feel-happy” workout!

Core Ball – Strength & Condition

45 minutes • Price varies
A unique and fun approach to fitness by using stability balls to balance, shape and strengthen your body. Let’s roll!


Price varies
GROUP INDOOR CYCLING classes are done in a fitness studio, with various light and music settings to create an energized atmosphere.


Price varies
BOOT CAMP comprises a wide variety of exercises including cardio and strength training incorporating high intensity intervals to promote improved cardiovascular efficiency, increase strength and promo


Price varies
FIGHT FIT classes feature a combination of moves and techniques from disciplines such as Karate, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA. The dynamic mix of techniques ensures participants engage upper


45 minutes • Price varies
Use the step as a “training tool” instead of worrying about complex choreography!Tone up your legs and booty by moving up, over and around the step.This class will improve your coordination!Step it up


Price varies
LBT combines aerobic and toning exercises to target those common problem areas; legs, bums and tums. These classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and offer beginner to advanced options.


45 minutes • Price varies
KETTLERCISE is a fat burning, body toning intense workout performed alongside up-tempo music. All major muscle groups are targeted throughout the session providing improved muscle tone, core fitness a


Price varies
DILEX focuses on improving flexibility, strength and improves posture. Dilex is effective in addressing any structural imbalances that can cause pain and difficulty with movement by re-structuring mov


Price varies
WEIGHT UP is a cardio strength class that utilises the barbell to perform resistance exercises; all completed to upbeat music. Weight up is an intense strength and cardio workout that targets all majo


Price varies
DANCE FITNESS is a combination of aerobic exercises and dance techniques for a workout that promotes ultimate fat burning and improved fitness. The routines are easy to follow and always include high